Hosting WordPress MultiSite on OpenShift

Want to have a blogging site based on WordPress up and running in mins? You must be thinking, yes and it is easy – I’d go to and sign up. Wait a min, do they give you full control – ability to install your own themes, plug-ins, your own custom plug-ins? What if I pile two more questions on top of this i.e., How about if you need WordPress Multisite and what about cost involved?

Now if I got you thinking then go to OpenShift today and sign up for the service. This PaaS solution pretty much answers all of the above queries and you can have your own wordpress application up and running in few mins.

Below is a run down of steps on how to get WordPress on OpenShift with MultiSite capability.

  1. Signup for OpenShift
  2. Sign in with the credentials, and access OpenShift web console for app creation.
  3. Choose WordPress  from under Instant Apps, choose a name for your application and that’s it. Your wordpress is in business.
  4. Access your WordPress site and finish up rest of the installation/customization.
  5. For WordPress multi site functionality, download “WordPress Multi-Site Enabler Plugin” and keep it ready.
  6. Login to WordPress admin site, go under Plugins -> Add New -> Upload  the zip file, and activate it.
  7. Now access Settings -> Enable Multi-Site -> select “Sub-directories” and click Install. Note: Sub-domain will not work at the moment.
  8. Login again with admin creds and that’s it. You should see “My Sites”  menu item in the top header menu from where you can create additional wordpress sites.


I work for OpenShift so I am obviously biased but you can do your own due diligence and select the PaaS solution which works for you the best.