Deleting an app version or app from app store using iTunes Connect

Deleting an App Version from App Store

I spent quite a lot of time looking around on how to delete an app which I accidentally submitted for review in iTunes Connect. Its pretty easy after you find how to do it :), follow the below steps:

  • Login to Developer – iTunes Connect
  • User is permitted to reject the binary from Apple Review as long as your app is in one of the following iTunes Connect states:
    • Waiting For Review
    • In Review
  • Click on “Manage your application”
  • Select the version you’d like to delete
  • Click on “Binary Details” link from under “Links” section
  • And then simply click the Reject Binary button.

After the binary has been rejected, you can then indicate you are ready to submit another binary through Application Loader, by clicking on the Ready to Upload Binary button.Please note that if you reject a binary that is Waiting For Review or In Review, your review time will be reset and you will start over from the beginning once you submit a new binary.

Deleting an App in its entirety from App Store

  • Login into Developer – iTunes Connect
  • Click on “Manage your application”
  • Select the version you’d like to delete
  • Click on Rights and Pricing button for your app, uncheck all App Store territories then click Save Changes. Your application state will change to Developer Removed From Sale, will no longer be for sale in the App Store and will remain off the store unless you put it up for sale again by the same method.